A rejoinder to Radovanovic was not accepted

Last autumn the chief editor of European Journal of Epidemiology (EJE) accepted to publish a rejoinder to Radovanovic. I had sent the editor a critical analyze of Radovanovic’s article in this paper, where he had tried to prove Kosova was in 1990 hit by mass hysteria. But not until Mai 26 the rejoinder was sent to EJE, and signed by Albanian doctors.  Four days later the editor’s answer arrived. and it was a NO. He didn’t accept the rejoinder. It must be said that the rejoinder text was very similar to the text he got last autumn, and which he accepted.

   I am still uncertain, why he said NO to the rejoinder. I have written and asked, but he has not answered.  Maybe EJE is on holydays.

Here you can read the rejoinder.