The mysterious disease

In Kosovo, during a few days in March 1990 more than 4000 patients, above all schools children, got ill with symptoms, indicating they could have been poisoned. The mysterious disease, as it was called, continued to strike the population for the rest of the year, and probably more than 8000 Kosovars were stricken with illness.
Serbs denied poisoning had taken place, in spite of the fact that symptoms and many other facts show there is no other explanation, so a crime against Humanity was committed in Kosova 1990.

And this crime is to-day almost forgotten outside Kosova. Worst of all, the Independent International Commission on Kosovo wrote in their report 2000 that “most experts” believe the victims were hit by mass hysteria, a false explanation, created by Serbs.

Who are these experts? What have they done?

Continue to read this website and you will find two British doctors and a Serb professor. Notice how they have acted!

What happened in Kosovo in 1990 – Göran Wassenius